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Intellectual Property Litigation : Pretrial Practice by Eric M. Dobrusin, Katherine Elizabeth White 
Intelliguard's Price: $99.00
Comprehensive and yet understandable. 

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts,  by Robert L. Haig, Esq.
Intelliguard: $399.00 USD
This six volume work provides commercial litigators with an all-in-one comprehensive discussion of procedural rules and substantive law as well as  strategies for implementation. It enables you to handle a wider range of cases, achieve your litigation objectives and manage cases more efficiently. The expertise of top litigators and distinguished judges throughout the United States is shared in this extraordinary resource.


      Coverage of every phase of a commercial case, from the assessment that takes place at the very inception, through pleading and discovery stages, motions, trial, post trial and appeal.

      Extensive emphasis on discovery rules and strategy   including chapters on depositions, document requests, interrogatories and requests for admissions.

      Eight chapters devoted to techniques and themes particularly effective during each phase of commercial trials.

      Twenty-eight substantive law chapters on securities, antitrust, insurance, intellectual property, franchising, professional liability, products liability, sale of goods, contracts, employment discrimination and other commercial topics.

      Full coverage of remedies with chapters on compensatory damages, punitive damages, specific performance and rescission, provisional remedies, court-awarded attorneys' fees, costs and disbursements, and sanctions.

      Settlement techniques, alternative dispute resolution, enforceability of arbitration clauses in contracts.

      Thousands of statutes and rules and 17,299 cases cited 

      349 essential litigation forms and 319 jury charges in print and on timesaving WordPerfect computer disks.


   Procedural checklists 

   Practice checklists

   Checklists of Essential Allegations and Defenses 

   Checklists of Sources of Proof of Essential
   Allegations and Defenses

   Illustrative pleadings

  Jury charges and more!

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